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CATEGORY 5e & CATEGORY 6 Flush Mount Plate/USA Keystone Flush Mount Plate

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Specification :
Mounting Plate
Material : UL 94V-0 ABS, Ivory color
Dimension : L 4.50"xW2.75"xH0.39"
Connector module insert
Material : UL 94V-0 ABS, Ivory color
Keystone Jack :
KJ2-C5-XX Please Refer Page 16,17,18
KJ3-C5-XX Please Refer Page 16,17,18

Ordering Infrmation :
300-1-IV Single port plate,Ivory color
300-2-IV Dual port plate,Ivory color
300-3-IV Three port plate,Ivory color
300-4-IV Four port plate,Ivory color
300-6-IV Six port plate,Ivory color
MU5e-BNC "BNC" feed thru module insert
MU5e-F "F" feed thru module insert
MU5e-ST   "ST" feed thru module insert
MU5e-B "Blacnk" module insert

KJ2-C5e-US Unshielded Keystone Jack
KJ2-C5e-HS Half Shielded Keystone jack
KJ2-C5e-FS Full Shielded Keystone jack
KJ3-C5e-US Unshielded Keystone jack
Keystone Jack Color optional
(Unshielded version only)
KJ2-C5e-US/XX   XX=color
*BK=Black , GN=Green , YL=Yellow,

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Colorful ICON Sticker
Colorful ICONs sticker allow users quickly and easy identification of different wiring system. it can use on our products of Patch Panel, Flush & Surface mount Plate, boxes etc.
The sticker can save your cost than other plastic ICONs, provides 5e colors of White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green that can help users identify by themself.

Ordering Information
ICON Sticker (10x8 mm via each sym bol), color optional
XX WH=White, RD=Red, BL=Blue, YL=Yellow,
Available our products series PxxA-X11-C5X , 301 , 302 , 303 , 307 , 308 , 309 , 320 series
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