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CATEGORY 5e & CATEGORY 6 Mount plate/Box

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Keystone Surface Mount Box
Material : UL94V-0 ABS, Ivory or White color
Mount Box : Double L 60.00 x W54.40 x H26.60 mm
Single L60.00 x W 31.10 x H 26.60 mm
Keystone Jack : available for KJ2-C5e-XX or KJ3-C-XX series
301-IV Single Mount Box, Ivory color
301-WH Single Mount Box, White color
302-IV Double Mount Box, Ivory color
302-WH Double Mount Box, White color

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European Flush Mount Plate for Keystone jack
Specification: Materials : ABS, Ivory or White color
Keystone Jack : available for KJ12& KJ13 series
How To Order

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(For mounting plate & module insert)

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(For assembly Mounting Plate)
green.jpg (3965 bytes) Color: IV=Ivory, WH=White
orange.jpg (3978 bytes) Mounting Plate: PA=80x80mm
Module Insert: MS=single port
MD=dual port
MH=single with shutter
Blank Insert: BA=small size 50.2x12.7mm
BB=big size 50.2x25.1mm
green.jpg (3965 bytes) Color: IV=Ivory, WH=white
orange.jpg (3978 bytes) Plate size: A=80x80mm
blue.jpg (3685 bytes) Port: S=single , D=dual,
SS=single with shutter,
DS=dual with shutter

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France Keystone Flush Mount Plate
Specification :
Material: ABS, Ivory or White color
Mount Plate : size L80.60 xW80.60xH8.40 mm
Module Insert (plastic only):
Single module insert (45.0x45.0 mm)
Double module insert (22.5 x 45.0 mm)
Keystone Jack: available for KJ2-C5e-XX or KJ3-C5e-XX series
(refer on page 16,17,18)
Order Information
304W-P Flush mount plate, white color
304I-P Flush mount plate, Ivory color
304W-MS Single module insert, white color
304I-MS Single module insert, Ivory color
304W-MD Double module insert, white color
304I-MD Double module insert, Ivory color

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European Surface Mount Box
Specification :
Material : ABS, Ivory or White color
Mounting Box :    A size L80.00 x W80.00 x H42.00 mm
B size L86.00 x W86.00 x H42.00 mm

How To Order

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Remark : green.jpg (3965 bytes) Color : W=White, I=Ivory
orange.jpg (3978 bytes) Size : A or B

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