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CATEGORY 5e & CATEGORY 6 Keystone Jack

Our Category 5e jack has or new design IDC terminals with plastic lid Toolless make easy installation and maintain on your T568A or T568B other wiring system.
The Keystone jacks are available in category 5e EIA/TIA TSB 40-A performance, and offered shielded & unshielded versions to meet every cabling requirement. The jacks accept 22-26 AWG solid & stranded conductors.

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Ordering Information
Item No Description
KJ-C5e-US/CC* Unshielded Keystone jack
KJ2-C5e-HS Half Shielded Keystone jack
KJ2-C5e-FS Full Shielded Keystone jack
KJ2-C5e-HS/R Half Shielded Keystone jack
(Right Angle)
KJ2-C5e-FS/R Full Shielded Keystone
(Right Angle)
Color Optional (Unshielded version only)
CC* BK=Black, GN=Green , BL=Blue , RD= Red, YL=Yellow , IV=Ivory , WH=White
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Color Code sticker combine two wiring of T568A & B to save one stock and easy installation.
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(See below)

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The key lock in order to force the plastic lid not open up, when the cable be pulling or the plastic lid can't fully close such inserting 22 AWG conductors into each slot
1. Follow the direction on the color coding sticker to position T568A or B Wiring.
2. Open the plastic lid by your thumb. Insert the Wires by leaning 45 degree into the solt (beware:not straightly in) and each time insert in 1 pair not 4 pair in the same time.
3. Close the plastic lid to connect the wires and complete the installation.

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