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CAT. 5e & CAT. 6 10 Keystone Jack

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Cable Fixture
Make 110D terminal block to be stable (not shaking when terminating) with cable Tie version.

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Wothout Cable Tie Version
p17-7s.jpg (10318 bytes) With Cable Tie Version

Hold tightly with cable jacket by cable tie to avoid the cable knock off or pulling away.
How To Order

Unshielded 110 Keystone Jack
green.jpg (3965 bytes) Color optional :
BK=Black, GN=Green, RD=Red, TL=Yellow , IV=Ivory , WH=White
orange.jpg (3978 bytes) Cable fivture
Y=with cable tie version
N=without cable tie version
blue.jpg (3685 bytes) Terminal : Block
A=Standard 110D
K=New version 110D
Jack: RJ45 Jack, ABS UL94V-0
Contact : Phospor Bronze, 50u gold plating over plating over nickel in cotact area and Tin lead on soldering area
Materials: 110D connector, PC UL 94V-0
Terminal: Phospor Bronze and Tin plated
Color Code Sticker Combine two wireing of T568A & B to save one stock and wasy installation. p17-4s.jpg (10666 bytes)

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New 110 terminal block (for both of Krone & 110 impact tool) Printing color code of T568A & B to save one stock and easy installation
KJ3-110ISC /XX
Impact Safty Chassis for 110 keystone jack (KJ3-C5e-US)
XX=Color : IV=Ivory , WH=White

Insert 110 keystone jack into Impact Safty Chassis to keep smooth in any place termination. Avoid to hurt your finger when using impact tool and punch down 110 keystone jack

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